✕ DNi ✕

Do Not follow / interact with me if you

◌ sexualize minors, or condone doing so (fiction included)

◌ sexualize actual animals, or think they can consent

◌ treat real people like fictional characters or disrespect boundaries (Honestly even if they Are ok with it, i find shipping real people questionable)

◌ are a right-winger or bigoted to any groups of people

OR if you post:

◌ abdl, ddlg, etc. (sexual ageplay)

◌ romanticized abuse or incest

◌ “feral” porn that just looks like regular real animals

Understand that i am not necessarily against dark/uncomfortable themes in art all together ; i think it depends on how they are conveyed, & it is not always black and white.
I still will block whoever i want to avoid seeing things i’m not comfortable seeing. + Some things are unforgivable like sexualizing kids or harassment of real people. Horny Twitter furries learn boundaries challenge.


◌ furries/anthro characters
◌ teratophilia
◌ robots
◌ hypnosis, mind control (consensual)
◌ bondage, powerplay, bdsm
◌ size difference, macro/micro
◌ body horror
◌ latex, leather
◌ inflatables
◌ goo
◌ transformation
◌ plushification
◌ chibi/mascot type designs
◌ tickling
◌ drug use
◌ medical themes, needles
◌ weird dicks (like, tentacles or very vaguely animal-inspired)
◌ clone/alternate self
◌ ADULT characters from family-friendly media
◌ occasionally i vent/discuss mental health

Stuff that's less common to see here, but i'll give a warning nonetheless:
◌ gore (usually mild/abstract & no death)
◌ (soft) vore
◌ inflation, weight gain
◌ watersports
◌ irl pics/nudity
◌ musk
◌ footplay